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    whatsapp spy 2013 apk

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    is a tool for root terminals talks Whats App reading a WIFI network (open , WEP , WPA/WPA2 ) . Capture the conversations , photos and videos and the coordinates that are sent or received by an Android , iPhone or Nokia in the same WiFi network . It has been tested with Windows Phone terminals . You can read messages written or received by the BlackBerry , because they use their own servers . This app to see messages from your contacts in whats app, goes to show that there is very little security in communications made via Whats App.

    The program uses a grabber WhatsApp Sniffer or sniffer called tcpdump packages that handles see capture all network packets and filters WIFI source and destination servers WhatsApp . You can read all the messages because they are stored in plain text, so you do not have to spend time trying to decipher these messages , thus fulfilling the legal terms of WhatsApp. For WPA/WPA2 encrypted networks is used ARPSpoof tool . Features: – Access ROOT REQUIRED – Read incoming and outgoing messages on Android , iPhone and Nokia phones. – Messages are separated by the telephone number – Notified when your whatsapp spy has caught a message or conversation – You can delete whenever you want all records – Talks Captures the numbers of people who have on the notebook

    Donate is simbolic. This file is saved in our private servers and the file is tested with the 3 best antivirus from today.

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    If you have downloaded whatsapp sniffer‘ll explain how you can use whatsappsniffer. Open the program or whatsapp whatsapp spy sniffer and ask your number who want to see the conversations and pictures and videos. Then you must click on the green arrow on the screen really, really like and then loaded all conversations. The contacts of the person or number that you have chosen and you can see all conversations. We may also see the number of posts they have and see them. Also lets you know everything that happens within this application and other contacts.

    I have installed the sinffertool but I can’t read the conversations even if I’m in the same network or wifi and when I debug a I get a raw file so how to read it can you help me?

    As I mentioned in this article, wasap.ws have not tried this apk under the laws of our country, but we can read about whatsapp sniffer .. and from what I’ve read I understand that functions as a sniffer, ie capture data packets within a same network wiifi people standing nearby. Can not access your messages, just catch them when someone sends an SMS information travels, and the whatsapp sniffer capture the data, but I’ve never really used, I’ve only read and there is little information because this application play disappeared from store quite some time