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    Is Your Cell Phone Transmitting Your

     ·  · http://www.CellSpyExposed.com Find out Everything, Where is Your Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Business Partner, Lover, Child. What are THEY Although cell phone searches are a new and developing area of the law, generally, the police cannot take your phone and, without consent, read through your text Hello Kavin, If you are looking for software that can be used to track a mobile phone I suggest that you check out this post: Free GPS Tracking Software and Applications. Is your cell phone transmitting your location, acting like a homing beacon for whomever may wish to listen in? Cell phone tracking versus location privacy are hot Many cell phone users don't know that their phones are inherently traceable due to advances in GPS and cellular technology.To many this is a welcome safety feature

    How To Track A Cell Phone Location For

    is used for tracking kids, employees, and senior citizens, and TeenArriveAlive, while pitched as a way to monitor your teen’s driving, is really a GPS cell phone and Internet-based tracking software.

    So, does your GPS cell phone have a location privacy option, and is it enabled?

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